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Introducing the Natural Gas Dryer of the 21st Century


When it comes to doing the laundry, many people are looking for ways to save time, add convenience, and protect their clothing.

NWN1Location, location, location

In recent years, enhanced aesthetics and sound dampening designs have brought washers and dryers out of the basement. The trend today is toward bringing laundering appliances into the living space, for example, bringing them closer to the bedroom or bathroom where laundry is most likely to accumulate. The appliances of the twenty first century fit into even the most high-traffic areas, such as a hallway between bedrooms or near the kitchen.


Gas dryers fit into this convenient world nicely, plus they are economical and efficient. They fluff and freshen washables with less wrinkling and shrinkage. And they no longer use a continuously burning pilot light, which provides additional savings and energy conservation.


Today’s gas dryers use less energy than older models. That means you can save more than half of your operating costs by selecting a gas dryer that is an energy-efficient model. On average, you can dry two loads of laundry in a natural gas dryer for the amount of money it costs to dry only one load in an electric dryer.

New high-efficiency gas dryers feature pilot-less ignition, automatic shut-off, sensor controls, de-wrinkling cycles and automatic cooling-down cycles. These features are all designed to save you money.

And a gas dryer lasts a long time, up to 13 years or more, so you won’t need to go buy a new one for a long time which also keeps money in your pocketbook.

Over time a natural gas dryer will more than pay for itself in fuel savings, fabric-friendly operation and reliable, trouble-free performance.

The Best Weekend Distraction – and it’s free!


Looking for an excuse not to mow your lawn or pull weeds on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? There’s nothing better than a free tour of beautiful new homes and a free BBQ lunch to distract even the most diehard backyard warrior, and it’s all there for you at The Ultimate Open House New Home Tour presented by NW Natural and Standard TV & Appliance.

Tours are free to the public, and homes are scattered throughout the Portland-metro area.  It’s a great opportunity to meet the builders, get some fresh decorating ideas, and see what’s new in landscaping.

The tour showcases the top builders in the Portland area and offers a wide variety of products and features to help you find and purchase your ultimate new home. The builders represent outstanding quality, innovative design and a range of prices to suit the needs of modern families and individuals.

The tour runs over two weekends: April 26-27 and May 3–4.  On both weekends, NW Natural will cater a free BBQ lunch at the tour’s Idea Homes.

Here are the dates and locations for the free lunches:


Date                                 Builder                                    Address

Sunday, April 27            Stone Bridge                                       19612 SW Sonia Lane, Beaverton

Saturday, May 3             Gertz                                                     9070 SW Edgewood St., Tigard

Sunday, May 4                Portland Development Group         5110 NE 36th Ave., Portland

The Grillin’ is Easy


The Grillin’ is Easy

Make your backyard the perfect place for nearly year-round grilling.  Spring, summer and fall, a natural gas barbecue takes the food’s juices and turns them into flavor enhancing smoke. Plus, when you add an outdoor cooking area, it extends your living space and keeps the heat out of the kitchen. Grilling outdoors helps reduce the need for air conditioning to cool a hot kitchen indoors on a warm summer day.

  • Grilling is easy. No charcoal, lighter fluid, ash, or lugging that propane tank around to get it filled or exchanged.
  • Pre-heating is super fast. Natural gas grills preheat to desired temperature in five to ten minutes. You’re in control with precise, adjustable heat.
  • Cooking is clean.  Natural gas burns clean and produces no after taste, like other fuels.

As you visit the NW Natural Ultimate Open House tour of homes, look for a flyer in participating homes which offers a FREE Napoleon P500 Prestige Series natural gas grill to the first five home buyers. The gas home must be purchased by May 31, 2014. These grills are valued at $1,200, and are provided to the first five new home buyers courtesy of NW Natural as our housewarming gift.

Natural gas isn’t just for heating your home


Purchasing a natural gas home is one of the best energy decisions that you can make for your family. You can use natural gas in a number of ways, including, heating and cooking at about half the cost of electricity, according to the Department of Energy.

Cook with Gas. If cooking is your passion or just a part of your daily routine, you’ll enjoy the total control of a natural gas range; perfect for your pasta, steak, stir-fry or delicate sauce. Most professional chefs refuse to cook on anything else.  There’s no waiting for the burner to warm up or cool down, which means there is no need to move the pan once the burners are turned off.

Heat Water. Did you know that a typical family of four uses 26,000 gallons of hot water each year? Heating water takes the next biggest bite out of your energy budget after home heating. A natural gas water heater recovers twice as fast as units powered by other fuels, and today’s gas water heaters are way more efficient than models sold just a decade ago.

Fuel your Fireplace. A natural gas fireplace offers convenience and comfort unmatched by other fuels. When you buy a cord of wood, you have to stack and store it. With gas, no splinters, no bugs and gas costs less on average than purchased firewood. A gas fireplace is among the top “must have” amenities.

Our customers tell us they prefer natural gas at home because:

  • It’s cheaper, cleaner and energy efficient
  • It’s abundant and not dependent on foreign sources
  • It has a quicker response time and provides more control
  • During power outages gas is still available for many appliances

You’ll see many natural gas homes on the Ultimate Open House New Home Tour. Congratulations to the builders of these homes. They have provided appliances you will love to use with the fuel choice families in the Northwest prefer – natural gas!

Join NW Natural for a Free Lunch


The 2013 Ultimate Open House is a delightful banquet that’s sure to satisfy your new home appetite. With 23 homes to sample, savor urban or suburban homes, and custom-designed homes crafted by the area’s top builders.

As a Presenting Sponsor of the Tour, NW Natural invites visitors to enjoy a free lunch at one of the tour’s Idea Homes each weekend. Here are the dates, times and locations:

First Weekend

Second Weekend

There’s something for everybody with every type of taste and home-buying budget at the Ultimate Open House. Have fun – and bon appétit!

Ultimate Open House Bingo Game Piece


Click the image below to download the game board and take it with you as you visit the homes on the Tour.


  • Ultimate Open House Bingo boards are available at every Ultimate Open House entry and on the Ultimate Open House website for download.
  • Attendees should have each home they visit put a stamp on their homes box.
  • Three stamps in a row is one entry into the promotion (NOT 1 Street of Dreams ticket).  Multiple rows of three will equal multiple entries (NOT multiple Street of Dreams tickets).
  • Prizes include: $100 gift card to Standard TV & Appliance, $50 visa gift card and $50 Saks Off 5th Ave gift card
  • Every bingo board that is returned to the Home Builders Association with a valid mailing address and at least three stamps by May 15, 2013 will be sent one (1) complimentary 2013 NW Natural Street of Dreams ticket.
  • Attendees should mail the bingo board into the HBA themselves vs. leaving the bingo board at an Ultimate Open House entry.
  • Bingo boards will be accepted if they are scanned and emailed to info@ultimateopenhouse.net, faxed to 503-684-0588 or mailed to Home Builders Association, 15555 SW Bangy Rd, Suite 301, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.

New vs. Used – 10 Reasons Home Buyers Prefer New

More than ever before, new homes have many more benefits than used. Here is a list of 10 reasons why more buyers prefer New vs. Used.

1) You’re the Designer: One of the greatest benefits of a new home is that it will reflect your style rather than a previous owner’s. It is exciting to be able to select the exact appliances, flooring, fixtures and countertops you have always wanted for your dream home.

2) Create Floor Plans to Meet Your Needs: When you build your own home you can tailor the floor plan to meet the needs and wants of you and your family. You no longer have to wonder what to do with the room that you have no use for. A formal dining room isn’t for you? Add that space into a separate media room or into a larger master bathroom. When you are the designer, you can have it your way.

3) Energy Efficiency = Saving Money: A new home is much more energy efficient than a home built even just ten years ago. Many new homes offer windows that are double or even triple pane. Additionally, special window coatings and inert gases between the layers of glass are available, saving you even more money on your heating and cooling costs year round.

4) All New, All Under Warranty: A used home likely has products that may need to be repaired or even replaced in the near future. Maintenance and replacement costs of a roof, appliances, countertops or a water heater can quickly add up and often hit your pocket book at inopportune times. Your new home and all of its products and appliances are under warranty and feature the latest designs and building materials. This means you are able to enjoy your home stress free for many years to come.

5) Low Maintenance: A new home has all the latest technology and products making them perform much more reliably than a home that is 20 years old. Additionally, a newer home is designed to reflect the way we live today with cutting-edge building products that do not require as much maintenance and care. Say good bye to your Saturday “Honey Do” list.

6) Overall Comfort and Indoor Air Quality: A new home has to meet stringent energy codes and standards that were not in place years ago. With state of the art air filtration and ventilation systems along with high performing energy efficiency the result is year round comfort and higher indoor air quality.

7) Advanced Technology and Design: You can update some items in an older home to make it more energy efficient such as adding spray foam insulation or replacing single-pane windows with high performance ones. However, it can get very expensive to replace appliances like your water heater, cabinets or countertops. Little upgrades are nice but you still won’t have the twelve foot ceilings you’ve always wanted in your older single story home. Yet another reason for you to build a home so that it reflects the way you live today.

8) Community Amenities: Many homes today are near hiking and bikeing trails, great schools and easy accessible to shopping.

9) Ease Your Mind Knowing You Are Safe: A new home is built with many safety features such as hard wired smoke detectors, state of the art circuit breakers and garage doors with infrared beams stopping the door if something is too near. Paints and carpets are using fewer volatile compounds so you can breathe easier.

10) There is Nothing Better Than That New Home Feel: You can love your home knowing it is your dream and reflects your choices, not someone else’s. More and more people prefer that never lived-in feel.

After all, you stopped wearing your sibling’s hand me down clothes many years ago so why would you settle for a hand me down house?

Ultimate Open House Realtor Day


The 2013 Ultimate Open House New Home Tour ‘No Brainer’ for Homebuyers


The 2013 Ultimate Open House New Home Tour presented by NW Natural and Standard TV and Appliance is poised to be one of the most exciting—and busy in years. The annual event, which runs two weekends, April 27-28 & May 4-5 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., is free to the public and helps hundreds of savvy homebuyers navigate through the new home market—at most price points—in the five-county area.

“It’s an easy equation: lower rates, an improved housing market and a tight inventory all equal hungry homebuyers,” said Hallie Gentry, Home Builders Association of Metro Portland’s Director of Shows. “This year, the HBA is engaging attendees both onsite and online as they have the opportunity to visit fantastic new construction homes created by the area’s finest homebuilders. For homebuyers and real estate agents, The 2013 Ultimate Open House is a no-brainer.”

Idea Homes
From the hills of John’s Landing in southwest Portland to the prestigious Dolph Park neighborhood in northeast, two Ultimate Open House idea homes on the Tour will inspire its visitors, combining vintage appeal with the latest in cutting-edge, energy efficient products.

The Cleary Custom, built by Renaissance Homes, sits on land once thought of as unbuildable. The more than 2,800 square foot home boasts panoramic views of Portland, the Willamette River and the mountains. It is LEED Certified, wrapped with Polar Blanket insulation making this Vintage Collection home charming and cozy.

The Tillamook Vintage, is a lovingly restored home in this coveted close-in neighborhood. Originally built in 1916, the home had fallen into disrepair. Portland Development Group bought the house last year, and moved it five feet east onto a new foundation, allowing PDG to preserve all the stunning period woodwork. Today, the home boasts modern indoor and outdoor living spaces, plus energy efficient technology and appliances, while capturing the charm of the early 20th century.

Both idea homes and a majority of the homes on the Ultimate Open House Tour are energy performance score (EPS) rated. Shoppers can review Energy Trust’s Smart Homebuyer Checklist to compare the energy use, carbon impact and estimated utility costs of a newly built home before they buy.

Benefits Abound
New this year, the first five people to purchase one of the participating natural gas homes will get a free gourmet Gas Grill by Napoleon®—a $1,200 dollar value—courtesy of NW Natural. Ultimate Open House attendees are also encouraged to interact with the show via Facebook by liking their page as they visit the homes on the tour.  Attendees can easily find their way from house to house with an iPhone or Android smartphone app created by the HBA and NW Natural.

“The Ultimate Open House is a valuable resource for people looking to buy a house,” said Dave Williams, NW Natural vice president of utility services. “Show attendees will be able to see the latest natural gas features for the home, while supporting local builders and the HBA’s continued work in our community. We’re glad to be part of it once again.”

Portland Housing Trend
According to Realtor.com, while Portland is in an economic rebound mode, housing inventory is down close to 26 percent from last November and prices have risen close to five-and-a-half percent in the past 12 months. The Ultimate Open House New Home Tour makes it easy for homeowners to map out and walk through more than twenty new, beautifully built homes over the course of two spring weekends.


Grill like the Pros in your Own Backyard

“I love using gas grills because they are easier to heat and it’s much easier to control the flames with a gas grill than with a charcoal fire. Grilling is not just about lighting a fire.” -Bobby Flay , Author, Grill Master, Food Network

Grilling isn’t just for summer anymore either. It’s year round in the Pacific Northwest. There’s nothing like marinating a great protein and grilling it to perfection — such a real crowd pleaser. Today, both professional chefs and home cooks are grilling veggies, fruit, and just about anything, from pound cake to kabobs – it’s all “grate.”

Be one of the first five people to buy a natural gas home on the tour and you’ll win a P500 Prestige Series natural gas grill worth $1,200, courtesy of NW Natural.

Just think: years and years of outdoor cooking enjoyment in your own backyard.

To learn more about the Ultimate Open House New Home Tour and NW Natural Grill Promotion, go to www.nwnaturaloffers.com.

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