Types of Garages Hervey Bay options

Nothing can probably match the feeling of excitement and joy than building a home you’ve always dreamed of. Building your new home demands a lot of effort, time, and creativity. Adding a garage in your Hervey Bay home is probably one of the things that cross your mind.

Opting for a garage to be added to your home provides multiple benefits to you and your family. Keeping your vehicles safe from weather, thieves, and other harmful elements are achieved with a garage. Things that cause too much clutter inside the home can be stored away safely in the garage.

A garage can also become a personal space, either as a workshop or to turn the volume up of your favourite music without disturbing neighbours or members of the household.

A garage provides you with endless possibilities. This is why it’s important to know the types of garages, Hervey Bay for you to choose the design that works perfectly for your needs.

Garage size

Garages, Hervey Bay offers multiple sizes, to include:

Single garage size

Only one car can fit a single-sized garage. It will have enough space to allow passengers and drivers to open the car’s doors and to go around the car. 14 square metres is the typical size of a single garage which works wonderfully for small lots. However, not having storage space is the downside of a single garage.

Two-car or double garage size

Aptly named, the two-car garage allows two vehicles to park side-by-side. The option with the design of two-car garages is with the doors. The garage can either have a single door or two separate doors to let in your cars. Generally, 28-30 square metres are the total area of two-car garages. A two-car garage design is a great option is you own a van, SUV, or truck. Workshop space is also achieved by a two-car garage.

Three-car garage size

While you might be thinking that opting for a three-car garage design is for people with three cars. While this kind of a garage can fit three vehicles, people opting for this garage design have workshop or storage space in mind. However, the huge design of this garage is not ideal for most lots.

Nose-to-tail two-car garage size

The nose-to-tail two-car garage size features a different shape and size compared to the two-car garage size. This type of garage design has a longer length to allow nose-to-tail parking of two cars. Only one door is featured for this garage design.

Garage attachment

The garage attachment has two options to choose from, to include:


A detached garage design is not connected to the house. It can be built anywhere on the property. Often seen as a money-saving project, the detached garage can be an added design rather than an incorporated design in the house project.


Directly attached to the house, an attached garage offers the convenience of going straight to your car from the house. This garage design is especially convenient during colder climates, preventing you from going out in the open just to get to your car. Putting some insulation works in the garage can keep your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer.

There are a lot of garage types available in Hervey Bay nowadays. The garages come in all types of materials, sizes, and purposes. Make sure your garage is built by Just Kits.

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The question to ask before hiring your potential new home builders

Every person wants to have a place that they can call home.  When you are building a new home, you must always make sure that you have the right home builders to prevent any mistakes from happening. If it is your first time hiring a home builder, you are likely to make mistakes which you will never take back. Since you want someone who can build the home of your dreams, you will have to ensure that you don’t risk anything, there is no room for making mistakes.  You have to ask your new home builders several questions so that you can ascertain that they are the best. Please do not feel offended for asking your potential new home builders any questions since they are the only things that can help you avoid making mistakes. At any time you need new home builders, ensure that you ask them the following questions.

Are you adequately trained to build new homes?

The first question that you must always ask your new home builders is whether they have been trained to offer the services that you need. You must put in mind the fact that you want your new home builders to build the best home that your loved ones will take pride in.  This is why you have to get the services that you need for the new home builders who are qualified. If you doubt the response that your new home builders, you can ask them to present their academic documents so that you can have a look at them.

How long have you been building new homes?

The length of time that the new home builders have been offering their services will determine the level of experience and expertise that they have gained. The more the period they have been offering their services, the more the knowledge that they have learned in new home building. You must ensure that you go for those new home builders who have been in the market for a longer time. This is because they have learnt how to build homes of different designs as well as sizes. They will build a home that looks exactly like the home you have in mind.

Do you have a license?

For the new home builders who do not meet the required standards, they will not be given the licenses, but they will want to offer their services. It is not advisable to get services from a new home builder who is not licensed. This is why you must make sure that you ask your new home builders, whether they have licenses so that you can work with the new home builders who offer their services legally.

Do you have insurance?

Apart from a license, your new home builders must have insurances; this is because accidents could occur when they are building your new home. In case you hire the new home builders who do not have guarantees, you will end up paying for the damages that are caused. If your new home builders have insurances, in case of an accident you will be compensated for any loss that is caused.

How long will it take to complete the project?

It would be best if you had the new home builders who will build your new home without taking so long. This is why you must ensure that you ask your new home builders about the length of time that they will take to complete the project.

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Things reputable removalists in the Gold Coast will do for your move

You might not know where to start your search when you need help from a removal company to move your belongings. In the Gold Coast, the list of removalists Gold Coast all looks amazing. This complicates your search as they all claim to be the best there is.

There are things you need to look closely before deciding on your choice of a removalist. Reputable removalists share common practices, to include:

Do a thorough pre-move survey

It’s time to book a removal company as soon as you have a rough idea of your move date. Booking through at least three reputable removalists will make them offer you a pre-move survey.

Reputable removalists usually have a move surveyor or consultant trained to assess the goods and property to be moved for them to provide the client with an accurate quotation of their price. Doing the survey also allows the removalists the chance to find out your unique move needs and talk over any issues to make things smoothly running on the day of the move.

Assess restrictions or parking availability

During the survey, the removalists will also pay close attention to street restrictions or parking availability of the property you’re moving out of. They will also ask for more details about the accessibility of the property being moved to. Knowing the access details of both properties may not sound like a big deal, but it makes all the difference when it concerns a smoother transition from one place to another.

Extra charges can also be avoided when the removalists would be able to plan accordingly based on the information about both properties.

They will want to know your move schedule

Your expected move schedule is a crucial information reputable removalist would want to know. A move will not take place if the removalist does not have the exact move date. If you’re buying or selling a property, the exact time you have to vacate the property to move on to the next one are questions a good removalist will ask. This is to help them organise and plan your move. They will also inform you of the varied rates of moving at certain days or months of the year.

Plan a customised move

Knowing more about the reasons for the move allows removalists to plan a customised move suited to your needs and preference. For instance, ending up with lesser things to pack and move when you downsize before the move. Letting the removalist learn of your plans also allows them to give you the right price quote. Whatever your priorities, good removalists will provide them as long as the information given to them is transparent and accurate.

Explain move options including removals insurance

Insurance offered by removalists is not usually compulsory on your part. However, it is always smart to know what removals insurance cover. Packing, transporting, and unpacking your worldly goods is a high-risk job. Even removalists with solid reputations can accidentally drop or break highly-prized possessions. The level of cover and what you can and cannot claim should be talked over with removalists to avoid misunderstandings and future lawsuits.

Consider the moving safe, efficient, and convenient once you’ve chosen the right removalists suited for your needs and budget. However, if you’re still confused about getting the right removalist, contact us at Richards GC Removals.

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Exterior House Painting

When is the right time?

So let’s say that you have just purchased a new house and as you are going about settling in you find that the exterior doesn’t match up with the look you have in mind for your dream home.  You want to make your house suit the exact one you have been picturing in your mind over the years. Or maybe the house you are now living in was one where someone thought that a bright neon orange was a great shade on. Or maybe it’s simply a situation where you want your home to be brought back to its days of glory and would like to see it all spruced up again.

Now is the time to act and make that dream a reality. All you need to do to make this project work is to ensure that you get quality exterior paint that can take your house from mediocre to fabulous. Once you do this right, then you are on your way to making this project a success already. Exterior paint is almost like the fairy godmother of houses. With swish and dash, you can bring your rumpled house into the modernised era and restore it back to life. Now on the opposite side is that if you do this wrong, then it can cause a major appearance setback for your house and be quite an expensive and hideous mistake.

Choosing the paint

The colour scheme of your exterior paint isn’t the only major element of this project. It is advised that you should not choose an outdoor exterior paint without considering all of the possibilities and outcomes, especially when it comes to the sunshine or the climate in Australia. Otherwise, the paint might be subject to flaking or peeling or even fading. 

Your choice of exterior paint will need to come with the knowledge that this paint will have to not only withstand elements such as:

  • rain
  • mould
  • sun
  • even animals (for instance fruit bats)

You also need to decide on which paint would be most suitable for the building you’re going to paint. You consider the material of the building whether it’s:

  • wood
  • brick
  • masonry

These are just some of the reasons why you need to ensure you are choosing the best exterior paint.

The first steps

Now you have even if you have a house made from weatherboard timber, masonry block, concrete or brick or even an exterior that has been rendered you still have to make certain that the exterior paint that you have chosen will work. Even if you may have thought that what paint works on brick should work on wood but that might not be the case since the formula used in these paints could be quite different from each other. However, most exterior paints will more than likely have clear and detailed descriptions of its uses and purposes on the can/tin.

Please keep this in mind when purchasing your paint

Prep your surface – now you might be excited to get that first coat of paint on there and get this project rolling but please do not skip this vital step and ensure that you clean and prepare all surfaces that you are going to be painting. Once the surface has been sanded, dried and cleaned, then it is the perfect foundation that will wield the results that you are seeking. So do not skip this step.

For more information on painting your house, click here.


Things to keep in mind when buying custom furniture in the Sunshine Coast

Are you considering buying custom furniture in Sunshine coast? You may have already spent unsuccessful days searching for the perfect piece to complement your home. Often enough people looking for furniture pieces end up getting disappointed because they can’t find what they are looking for. If this is the case its best to invest in custom built furniture.

Smart homeowners know the importance of investing in valuable custom furniture. When designed properly it can add an aesthetic appeal to your home and has a good resale value as well. Custom furniture has a timeless and classic appeal which makes it stand apart from factory designed furniture. The craftsmanship and skill involved in designing unique piece comes from all the effort put in by the artisan.

The best thing about custom furniture is that it can be designed according to your specifications. If there is a certain style which inspires you, you can always have it designed accordingly. The following are a few reasons why you should consider buying custom furniture in Sunshine coast.

  • You would be able to choose the design, color and finish based on your liking. It often happens that one enters a furniture store to find a table which they love. However, the color of the size might not be right. In such cases having the furniture custom designed ensures that your requirements are met.
  • You can be assured of the quality and great craftsmanship. Only people who are well versed in their work take on the job of making custom furniture. You can be assured that whatever you have custom made is built according to perfect craftsmanship and through calculations.
  • It’s going to be pretty durable. If you have young children you know how they love jumping around on the bed. A custom made bed would not give into the pressure and is sturdy enough to bear all ort of wear and tear.
  • The furniture would be an ideal fit for you room. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment or a huge house, the right sized furniture can completely alter the way your home looks.
  • You can even go for one of a kind pieces the likes of which no one has in their own home. This is the actual beauty of custom designed furniture. You get to choose and design the furniture that you like. Whether you prefer modern or vintage, you simply have to point out what appeals to you and you are good to go.

However before you give an order for custom made furniture you need to make sure that the person designing the furniture makes use of quality materials. The designs should be meticulous and have a well-crafted look about it. Make sure that you buy custom furniture by Hold Fast Designs, one of the most popular manufacturers in Sunshine Coast.

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Are Polished Concrete Floors Worth Considering?

Each day a newer building technology is unveiled. This is to make buildings appear classy as well as last longer. Polished concrete floors are one of the best floors you have for your building. Typically, these floors are a creation of polished concrete, which is built by mechanically grounding concrete floors, honing it and polishing the floor with bonded abrasives. Additionally, the floor is refined to achieve a specified level of appearance with each cut.

The process of creating polished concrete floors is quite complex, considering it is a multi-step process. At some point, constructors need to use a hardener, which is a penetrant chemical that penetrates the concrete to react with the components of the concrete to harden it as well as form a dust-proof surface.

The polishing stage also occurs in a series of steps that progressively require finer grinding tools, which are grits of industrial diamonds in a bonded material like metal, hybrid or resin. They are commonly called diamond polishing pads. Concrete is only considered polished when at 400 grit, and usually it is finished to 400, 800, 1500, or 3000 grit level.

Should you consider polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete is fast gaining popularity, and that is why they are available in the current market place in high numbers. As opposed to other floors, the polished floors have numerous benefits that are unique to itself, as shown below.


When you choose to install a polished concrete floor, you’ll save a lot as compared to other options available like marble, tile, or stone. The cost you incur when you decide to polish your concrete floor matches up to the cost of buying materials for the installation of tiles or hardwood. But in most cases, it is usually less than.

Improved Slip Resistance

Polished concrete always appears shiny, but they are not slippery. During the creation of these floors, vigorous mechanical grinding and flattening are done. Such activity increases the coefficient of friction typically as compared to the regular floor.


Polished floor is the longest-lasting floor you can install. These floors last as long as the slab of the house lasts. You do not expect breakages, delimitation or floor failures associated with ordinary types of floors. That means repairs or touch up work won’t be needed as long as you keep the floor.

Further, these floors are resistant to mould and moisture damage. Best of all, polished concrete floors do not need maintenance. Once you install them, they’ll keep going. Other floors will demand to refine, waxing or stripping to keep them pristine.


What you’ll love about polished floors is the variations in designs and colours. Again, the polished concrete floors gold coast offers have various applications – you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Creative minds can create a powerful mix of colour to develop an outstanding blend of colours to suit different needs. This is achieved by staining and dyeing using the unlimited ranges of colour and designs.


The chemical for densifying and sealing the surface transforms an ordinary porous concrete floor into a floor that is tightened floor. Besides, the floor becomes denser enough to repel oil, water and any other contaminants; thus, preventing them from penetrating.

Improved Reflectivity as well as Ambient Lighting

Polished floors have a reflective nature, which naturally increases the ambient lighting within buildings. Such an aspect makes the building beautiful and reduces bills.

Convinced to try out polished concrete floors in your new home? Try
polished concrete floors by Bethell Flooring.


Adding value to your home with custom blinds

When people normally consider making home improvement, they are rather concerned with what would appeal to them instead of having to worry about what it would look like to others. However, it should be kept in mind that any home improvement made at a certain time would impact any factors in the future. If you are considering selling your home in the near future, any changes you make in your home would impact on how a potential buyer might see your home. Custom blinds are a great way of adding value to your home.

Buyers are usually on the lookout for homes which provide them good value for money. The best way for getting a good price for your home is to make home improvement. While t ay sound all good on paper, only people who make these changes in their homes know how difficult it can get. It’s costly and messy too. Plus it requires a great deal of patience.

On the other hand adding window blinds is less costly and not too time consuming either. Not only are these an esthetic improvement but can also make a good impact when it comes to making a resale.

The following are some option for people considering installing custom blinds in Gold Coast:

  • When considering installing custom blinds, the first place to start is in the kitchen and the living room spaces. This is because these are two of the rooms which are used most of the time. Wooden blinds are a great addition to a window. These act like furniture for your window and looks great too. These are however a more permanent kind of option and can add immediate value to your home. These are a solid investment and one which remains in place for a long time. Imagine a potential buyer looking at a home with wooden blinds, they are bound to be impressed.
  • Plus these kind of blinds are also energy efficient and can help lower the electricity bills. These are a great way of insulting the windows. Plus these can be opened and closed at will depending on whether you want protection or simply want to enjoy the weather.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing custom blinds in Gold Coast

  • Choose colors which re generally neutral. If you are choosing wooden binds you have the option of choosing any of the colors which you like.
  • Also keep in mind that the blinds need to compliment the rest of the décor in your home
  • Motorized blinds are a good option too. These allow you to control the opening and closing with the touch of a remote or a button.
  • Blinds also offer the best kind of privacy. It helps keep the intruders away and you get to control your privacy the way you want to. This sense of control can be pretty reassuring.

All Seasons Vinyl install custom blinds in Gold Coast. Make sure you talk to them today.


Reasons to Use an Experienced Landscape Contractor Sydney

In Sydney, hiring an experienced landscape contractor offers the perfect solution for your garden space and yard. These garden and yard experts will work with your budget and plan your space accordingly.

Saving money is usually an attractive option for everyone when it comes to garden design. However, it’s not a great idea especially when you want your outdoor space to look fabulous.

It might cost more if you do the garden design, plan, and implementing them yourself. Unforeseen problems usually crop up that can only frustrate and stress you out. Resolving them on your own could extract a hefty price as well.

Hiring the services of an experienced landscape contractor offers many benefits, to include:

Your garden will become the envy of the entire neighbourhood

Of course, you want the most beautiful garden in your neighbourhood. You can make your dream garden come true by hiring an experienced and professional landscape contractor. Doing so will not only make you happy but end up with a garden that will be the envy of your entire neighbourhood.

A beautiful garden adds value to your property

Working your garden can, at most, create a passable design and plan. However, it will not look that great for it needs the touch of a professional to make it look amazing. While hiring the services of a professional landscape contractor can set you back, the expense is worth every penny.

The value of your property jacks up when the yard is designed and landscaped by a professional. The first thing potential buyers are presented with is the outdoors of a property. An amazing outdoor and yard design will impress potential buyers like no other.

Making your garden look fantastic is still the option even when you’ve no plans of selling your property. The sight of a beautiful garden to come home to every night will always be a great option for every homeowner.

Outdoor maintenance costs and time are greatly reduced

Maintaining a rundown and old garden can be horrendous in terms of money and time. You will also find that all that hard work and investment could still not create the garden of your dreams.

The smartest way to cut down or altogether do away with maintaining your garden in terms of time and money is to hire a professional landscape contractor. This garden expert will create a low-cost and low-maintenance garden by using large bushes or trees, synthetic turf, and pavements.

Implementing these creations in your backyard reduces maintenance time and money. It also allows you to enjoy and relax in beautiful surroundings every time and all the time.

Create a green environmentally-friendly garden

A landscape contractor goes beyond space and water usage to create an environmentally-friendly garden. The goals that he needs to consider include:

  • Conserve the space’s natural resources
  • Reduce the household’s cooling and heating costs
  • Reduce water consumption and preserve water quality
  • Avoid the use of pesticide
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Promote biodiversity

There are many things to consider when planning a garden. You need to decide whether you want a lush and rolling lawn or plant a combination of flowering shrubs or trees to reduce water and cooling costs. We are here to help. Choose landscaping by Eloquent Landscapes.